Diy lip gloss with coconut oil

In addition to unappealing, chapped lips can be very painful and irritating too. The condition gets worse with the arrival of cold, dry winter breeze. Not even lip balms and chapsticks are able to resolve the condition.

This is where DIY lip oils come in handy. So let us get started on how to make a lip oil at home? As many skincare products, good quality lip oils are high-priced, and for a DIY enthusiast like me, this presented me with an opportunity to make lip oil at home. Read on for a DIY lip oil recipe that is sure to resolve chapped, dry and dark lips.

The essential oils and vitamins used in DIY lip oil might lose its therapeutic properties when it comes in contact with sunlight. Although lip oil can be used several times during the day, the following procedure should be followed at least once daily, preferably before bedtime for an easy DIY home lip treatment.

I prefer lip balms during summers due to their consistency, lip balms are less messy and lip oils during the winter season to keepmy lips hydrated.

Rose geranium oil like coconut oil is rich in antioxidants and is commonly used in skin care products like lotions. It also has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Jojoba oil is rich in fatty acids; this locks the moisture in your skin, whereas carrot seed oil contains bioflavonoid; it is also a natural sunscreen. This all-natural lip oil gives your lips a subtle rosy tint without the guilt of using toxic ingredients.

Shea butter is used to slightly change the consistency of DIY tinted lip oil so that it stays on longer whereas beetroot powder gives the lip oil a nice rosy int.

diy lip gloss with coconut oil

Tip: You can also use scrapings of your favorite lipstick for a tint. Add the scrapings while melting Shea butter in a double boiler. This lush lip gloss is sure to give your lips that extra shine, making them appear plumper and luscious. This Lip oil lip gloss has a relatively dense consistency because of castor oil and stays on longer. Can Stress and Anxiety Cause erectile dysfunction?

Here SvApoteketSe. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. How to Use Lip Oil?However, priorities shift with time, and now I find it too expensive to afford.

The results, however, were amazing! Honestly, I was not expecting such an accurate knockoff homemade organic lip gloss. We want a sticky glossy consistency. We will start with the most basic ingredients for DIY organic lip gloss and then move on to different variations.

Not only will the lip gloss base keep your lips hydrated, but it will also make your lip gloss stay and not bleed out. Base oil will add the glossy, lush lips effect to your lip gloss. Besides, each base oil has properties beneficial for your lips.

You can use a combination of base oil or stick to one. Castor oil is a must; it will make the lip gloss shiny while other oils can be used in combination with this. You can use the transparent lip gloss as it is or have it customized by adding funky colors and glitters. I have tried a variety of ratios for making lip gloss at home before finding the one which resulted in a lip gloss of desired consistency; Glossy but not too runny, not like a lip balm but also not like lip oil.

You can change the ratio of ingredients depending on the desired consistency of lip gloss. I prefer a liquid yet slightly thick sticky consistency if that makes any sense.

Now that you have all your ingredients and decided upon the consistency, flavor, tint, and aroma of the lip gloss, it is time to finally start the process of making a natural lip gloss at home. I am sharing my recipe for lip gloss without glitter using Vaseline. You can check my DIY lip gloss with Versagel version here. Melt Vaseline in a double boiler while stirring constantly.

You can melt vaeline and base oil together but I prefer doing it step by step. Turn off the flame under the double boiler and mix castor oil in vaseline. Thoroughly mix all ingredients. Place a ragged piece of cloth on the surface where you intend to fill up the lip gloss tubes to make cleaning up easier.

Pour the lip gloss into lip gloss tubes using a dropper, syringe, funnel or a pipette. It depends on the ingredients you are using. Lip gloss that I make using the above mentioned DIY lip gloss recipe lasts for almost 7 months. It fills almost 5 lip gloss tubes, although it mostly depends on the variety of tube you are using. No, the beeswax will solidify the gloss turning it into a lip balm. Use Versagel instead if you want a thicker consistency. How to make Lip Gloss with Glitter.

How to make Edible Lip Gloss for kids. Erwerben Sie Sildenafil unter cialis finland. Beratungen und Empfehlungen sind professionell! Porta in giro per il mondo la passione per lo sport. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Skip to content. Tint: Mica powder, Organic food color, Scrapings of lipstick, Leftover lip gloss.This post may contain affiliate links and we will earn a small commision if you make a purchase through these links. How to make lip balm at home with natural ingredients, including beeswax, shea butter and essential oils with NO coconut oil. Lip balm is one of my favorite beauty DIYs because it always turns out so wonderful!

Yes, you can purchase natural and organic lip balm for inexpensive, but you can make it for even cheaper. Plus, homemade lip balm can be customized however you like, so you can make the perfect tube or tin of amazing lip balm for you!

I love DIY lip balm as an inexpensive gift idea as well — think stocking stuffers, small teacher gifts or gifts for kids. Instead, I use a combination of beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, almond and jojoba oils. I love this combination in DIY lip balm because it makes a luxurious feeling balm that is not too heavy on the beeswax read: not waxy and stiff.

A couple times a day, tops, and your lips will be silky smooth. This is super similar to the lip balm recipe I used to make and sell, back in my craft show days. My customers were addicted. When referring to the solid butter sourced from the cacao plant, these terms are interchangeable. Hint: that means use a kitchen scale, like this one.

When using solid ingredients like beeswax, cocoa butter and shea butter it is difficult to achieve a consistent result when measuring by volume. The chunks of cocoa butter I used may be bigger than yours, meaning the measurement by volume might be slightly different.

Measuring cocoa butter — a great example of why measuring by weight is more accurate. This is the chunk I used based on weight, you can see there is lots of room for variation when measuring your recipe by volume.

diy lip gloss with coconut oil

Just know If you are measuring by volume teaspoonsyour results might vary slightly depending on your specific ingredients. Luckily, this lip balm recipe is very forgiving and a slight variation will probably be unnoticeable. There are so many excellent choices for essential oils in lip balms!This would be a very fun project to tackle with any tweens or teenagers you have in the house. Christmas may seem a ways off now, but be sure to pin this project for those last minute gifts that will be stressing you out come December!

Coconut's melting point is 76 degrees, so it needs to be stored below that temp in order for it to remain in solid state. Refrigeration or keeping it in a cooler place in your home will help. What would you recommend for someone to use as an alternative to the Vaseline?

I want to avoid petroleum products.

✨DIY Glitter Lip Gloss (No Gloss Base/Versagel)✨

I can't personally recommend these ingredients because I have never used them, but I have seen other tutorials which use aloe vera or beeswax. Hey there!! Love this idea! You can personalize the recipe depending on your own tastes as well as how you present them! A thoughtful but effortless gift everyone would love!

DIY Coconut Oil And Aloe Vera Lip Balm For Soft Lips

Depending on your taste you can personalize this recipe by adding your favorite flavor. In that recipe, I used raspberry extract to flavor and scent the gloss. For this […]. This easy-to-make gloss is fully customizable, from color to flavor.

Or you can check out my sidebar for more spa gift […]. Coconut is fantastic for your skin, and one jar goes a long […]. I love that you can customize the colors. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating.I was a little intimidated when I first started making my own beauty products.

I never thought of myself as a DIYer but once I started I realized how easy it was to make my own products. It took me less than 5 minutes to make this recipe and I made enough to last a year!

My 6-year-old daughter loves makeup and is always getting into my lip balms and mineral makeup. Most over the counter beauty products contain ingredients that are toxic and linked to reproductive abnormalities.

Like this recipe? Click here to pin it on Pinterest! As a true believer in the health benefits of coconut, I use coconut products in all my recipes. I share my tutorials and recipes on my site with the hope of helping others to live healthier lives — with coconut! See author's posts. Has anyone used an emulifier? If you use the raw honey its solid can you melt it with the coconut oil and beeswax I plan on using the beeswax pellets.

Can I make these and put in 2 oz metal tins instead of tubes? We are beekeepers so I have fresh bees wax and honey. Looking for something homemade for gifts in 2 Oz metal tins. Tiffany is almond extract the same as almond oil in your recipe? If not, how much extract should I use in place of oil and should I increase the oil of another oil?

Hello again Tiffany, i tried you coconut lime body scrub and it turned out pretty good, now i want to try the lip balm recipe too but with out honey. Will the ratio of other ingredients remain the same if i exclude honey? Instead use olive or avacodo oil. For example, you could with this example swap out the sweet almond oil for say, olive oil, avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil etc. Need to know, how long the balm can last i. I made this and absolutely love it.We've all heard about the various benefits of coconut oil by now.

You can use it as a hair mask, as a face and body moisturizer, for shaving, for oral health, for cooking, and, if you hadn't guessed, for this DIY coconut oil lip balm. Since it has such powerful moisturizing abilities, it makes sense to use it as a beauty product.

Unfortunately not everyone can join in on the coconut oil fun, either because it makes their face break out or because it makes their hair too greasy. This lip balm, however, is for everyone. I love this DIY product because it has a great natural coconut scent, is incredibly hydrating, and gives my lips a really pretty tinted shine. It's also great because it's budget-friendly and allows you to have complete control over what goes into your lip balm.

Obviously you can just smear some coconut oil on your lips all on its own to soothe chapped lips, but if you take five minutes and a few supplies that you probably already have, then you can bring it to a whole other level. Once you've gathered all of your supplies, you have to prep your empty container. Make sure that it is clean and sterilized and completely dry.

Now you're ready to put your ingredients in the container. I filled it up most of the way with the coconut oil and then added a small amount of lipstick sliced off the top of one that I rarely use. It's up to you if you want to add lipstick for some color; I personally like the tint that it adds. You can use any color lipstick you want and add however much you want.

Just keep in mind that the more lipstick you add, the more opaque the tint will be. Now you want to melt your coconut oil and lipstick so that it's easier to mix them.

diy lip gloss with coconut oil

At this point I realized I was going to have to transfer everything to a microwaveable bowl, which I did. You don't need more than seconds in the microwave to melt this. Once the coconut oil and lipstick were mostly melted, I added a few drops of argan, avocado, and jojoba oil to the mixture for some extra hydration. Then I mixed it all together with a spoon until any lumps were gone and poured it back into my container, at which point it looked like this:. I let it sit in the fridge for a few minutes so the coconut oil would harden.

Coconut oil melts at around 76 degrees, so as long as you keep your lip balm at room temperature you should be OK. This means no leaving it in your car in the summer months. To use it, just warm the surface up a little with a clean finger first. In the future I think I might add more of a darker lipstick, maybe even a red one, for a less sheer tint. The best part about this is you can scoop it all out into a microwaveable bowl to melt it down again and add whatever extra ingredients your heart desires; perfect for people like me who are always changing their minds.

You'll need: Coconut oilpreferably organic, virgin, and unrefined. A clean, empty container, preferably opaque to protect the contents from sunlight. I recommend empty jars from used products for projects like this. A microwaveable bowl and a spoon for mixing.The skin on your lips is highly delicate and thus more prone to damage. And, factors like exposure to sun rays, regular application of cosmetics like lipsticks, lack of proper care, etc.

Although these days there are tons of commercial lips balms available in the beauty stores that claim to effectively soften lips, there are very few that live up to the hype. Also, more often than not, these lip care products contain chemicals that may cause more harm than good to the lips.

Handmade Gift: Simple Coconut Oil Lip Gloss

However, you can always prevent that from happening by making the switch from store-bought lip balms to natural DIY ones. These lip balms can be whisked within a jiffy by using all-natural ingredients. More and more women have started using DIY lip balms, as they are effective and inexpensive. Today, at Boldsky, we're letting you know about one such wonderful DIY lip balm that can help your lips become soft and luscious.

The primary ingredients used to prepare this lip balm are coconut oil and aloe vera gel. These household ingredients have been used since time immemorial for lip care purposes.

diy lip gloss with coconut oil

Their moisturizing and healing abilities can treat chapped lips and get rid of discolouration. Moreover, this DIY lip balm can have a long-lasting impact and leave your lips looking fresh, soft and smooth. Read on to know more about the recipe you need to follow to prepare this lip-softening balm at home. It can get rid of flaky skin from the lips and make sure that they appear well moisturized and soft.

That is why it is considered to be highly effective in treating dark lips. Also, this gel can be used for treating any kind of a wound on the lips.

A skin patch test is essential to prevent any kind of an allergic reaction. Be it softening the lips' texture or protecting it from damaging free radicals or harmful environmental factors, this DIY coconut oil and aloe vera gel lip balm can do it all. So, go ahead and make it a part of your beauty routine to be able to flaunt pink, soft and luscious lips.

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